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That’s the power of Usher.

Replace passwords and other outdated methods of authentication with a user-friendly, enterprise-grade security solution that extends to every business system across your organization. Experience it today with a free trial.

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Powerful, convenient enterprise security.

Usher replaces passwords, physical tokens, and keys with a mobile app that lets you securely access any business system across the enterprise. Log in to applications, open doors, approve transactions, and unlock laptops all with your Usher badge.

Usher is making headlines.

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“The unique security features that Usher can leverage on the Apple Watch could make the combination especially appealing to businesses looking for innovative ways to protect their data while empowering employees.”

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“Usher combines and manages a lot of different types of authentication with the promise of making businesses secure. It’s like a wallet, but for all of that other random junk you carry around.”

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“[Usher] could replace online passwords, digital key sensors and even driver’s licenses.”

Why innovative companies choose Usher.

A complete enterprise solution.

Usher provides administrative controls that let organizations easily set up and enforce biometric security with geo-fencing, time-fencing, and multi-factor authentication. So you can be sure that your data and systems are accessed only when and where you want them to be.

Flexible enough to extend to your existing systems and hardware.

Leverage out-of-the-box connectors and a powerful SDK to easily extend Usher to a wide variety of logical and physical systems—limiting startup costs and reducing the time it takes to deploy.

Enterprise security without the hassle.

By enabling wearers to access and log in to business systems and entryways with a simple tap, Usher turns the Apple Watch into a powerful tool for enterprise security. Usher for Apple Watch combines powerful security functionality with the ease of use of a consumer application.

Workforce productivity, maximized.

The out-of-the-box Usher Mobile app lets managers identify and communicate with users, organize users into groups, monitor activity, and create and distribute custom reports and dashboards.

Optimal resource allocation made easy.

Combine access and authorization data with other enterprise data sources to get a better understanding of user activity and resource usage across the enterprise. Seamlessly deploy these custom analyses to your workforce via Usher Mobile.

Technical resources.

Usher, the revolutionary new
enterprise security platform

See how Usher secures every business
system across the enterprise.

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Enterprise security: tradeoffs,
trends, and key dynamics

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of security in the enterprise context.

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