Enterprise security that makes business sense: Usher

Lock down your enterprise with mobile multi-factor authentication.

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Finally, a security solution that’s ready to replace passwords.

Usher is an enterprise security solution that offers the best combination of security and convenience for accessing digital and physical assets. Usher replaces physical badges, passwords, and security tokens with secure digital badges delivered via a smartphone. While providing biometric, location-based authentication, Usher also generates critical back-end information on user behavior and resource usage that can used to more effectively run your organization.

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Deploy on your terms.

Choose between a fully dedicated, isolated cloud environment or an on-premises deployment that meets your own custom security requirements. Usher can be deployed whichever way best fits your business.


Deployed in your own data center.

Dedicated Cloud

Dedicated cloud environment with uptime and performance SLAs.

Usher is making headlines.

  • The unique security features that Usher can leverage on the Apple Watch could make the combination especially appealing to businesses looking for innovative ways to protect their data while empowering employees.

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  • The newest version is more intuitive and packs in more features than ever before.

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  • [Usher] could replace online passwords, digital key sensors and even driver's licenses.

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  • Usher turns the Apple Watch into a secure digital key, enabling wearers to log into enterprise business systems, unlock devices, validate personal identity, and open physical entryways with a simple gesture or tap.

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