Enterprise security that makes business sense: Usher

Lock down your enterprise with mobile multi-factor authentication.

Finally, a security solution that’s ready to replace passwords.

Usher is an enterprise security solution that offers the best combination of security and convenience for accessing digital and physical assets. Usher replaces physical badges, passwords, and security tokens with secure digital badges delivered via a smartphone. While providing biometric, location-based authentication, Usher also generates critical back-end information on user behavior and resource usage that can used to more effectively run your organization.

Deploy on your terms.

Choose between a fully dedicated, isolated cloud environment or an on-premises deployment that meets your own custom security requirements. Usher can be deployed whichever way best fits your business.


Deployed in your own data center.

Dedicated Cloud

Dedicated cloud environment with uptime and performance SLAs.

Usher is making headlines.

  • Usher app for Apple Watch is able to detect a designated facility entrance as a user approaches it, and will send a notification to the user prompting her to perform an authentication action to gain access to the entrance.

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  • The latest version of its password-killing Usher app pledges that the newest version is more intuitive and packs in more features than ever before.

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  • A recent finalist for SC Magazine’s Best Multifactor Solution, Usher is a full-featured connected security platform for the enterprise that includes virtual identity badges...

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  • Customers can now use Usher to adopt the FIDO UAF standard in a matter of minutes - quickly making great improvements to their security.

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