Security, productivity, and analytics in one platform.

Usher replaces your physical badges, passwords, and security tokens with digital badges delivered via smartphones. These digital badges lock down logical and physical assets without sacrificing convenience. With Usher, you can also analyze all user activity to uncover business insights, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. Usher is an enterprise security solution that makes business sense.

  • Digital Badges

    Digital Badges

    Manage identity and boost security with convenient smartphone-based digital identity badges.

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  • Digital Wallets

    Digital Wallets

    Organize every role and relationship a user may hold within an organization in a convenient and secure digital wallet.

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  • Logical Access

    Logical Access

    Go beyond passwords with a variety of authentication options to lock down logical assets like never before.

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  • Physical Access

    Physical Access

    Integrate with existing physical security solutions to lock down doors and offices with powerful, yet convenient user authentication.

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  • Security Analytics

    Security Analytics

    Turn authentication and access data into real-world business insights so you can run a more efficient business.

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  • Adaptive Authentication

    Adaptive Authentication

    Combine multi-factor authentication with native device capabilities to deliver a frictionless user authentication experience.

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  • User Validation

    User Validation

    Eliminate the hassle and risk of using personally identifiable information with Usher's intuitive peer-to-peer validation.

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  • Location Services

    Location Services

    Combine location-services data with Usher mobile to provide users with a higher level of security and safety in emergency situations.

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  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    Identity and Access Management

    Build a holistic view of your identity landscape, so you can fine-tune security and drive business value.

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