Digital Badges

Computer passwords have been in use since the 1960s, RFID cards since 1973. These methods of enterprise authentication have remained virtually unchanged since their inception half a century ago. Not only are they now obsolete, they are increasingly putting organizations’ facilities and information systems at risk. Usher’s system of digital identity badges is more convenient and an order of magnitude more secure than existing authentication solutions.

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Digital Badge
  • CISO Badge
  • Sales Director Badge
  • Loyalty Card Badge

Enterprise security that’s personalized, secure, and seamless.

Each Usher badge is branded by the issuing organization and personalized with a user’s name, title, and photo. Badges are dynamically and securely linked to an individual’s privileges and access rights. Administrators have a variety of authentication options to choose from when configuring badges, including: Bluetooth proximity, digital keys, QR codes, and biometrics. Regardless of which authentication method an administrator chooses, Usher is designed to grant users secure, seamless access to an organization’s digital and physical assets.

Enterprise Security Administration and Management

A centralized platform for management and administration.

When it comes to enterprise access and authentication, different departments across an organization often fight over who should be in control. With Usher, there’s no need. Organizations can roll out a centralized platform that can be leveraged by IT, Facilities, and HR departments to deliver a single, convenient experience across all enterprise access points. What’s more, administrators can dynamically revoke a user’s access privileges in just a few clicks.