Digital Wallets

Modern organizations are large, complex entities where individuals can have multiple roles or personas—each with its own unique access privileges. For example, an individual associated with a university can be a student, an employee, and a member of a campus organization at the same time. Usher is able to take all of these credentials and store them in a convenient digital wallet on a user's smartphone.

  • Product Marketing Manager Badge
  • VIP Customer Badge
  • Gym Membership Badge

Digital wallets aren't just for mobile payments.

With Usher, a user’s digital wallet contains multiple digital badges that represent a variety of ID cards, passwords, and other credentials. These digital badges, and the credentials they represent, enable users to access various physical gateways and logical systems, including: doors, check-in desks, web applications, and VPNs. A single badge can grant access to multiple assets, and are provisioned on the basis of a user’s role within, or relationship with, an organization.

Digital Wallet
Manage User Badges

Deploying Usher badges is fast and secure.

IT and security administrators are always pressed for time, but that doesn't mean they should sacrifice security for speed. With Usher, generating badges that are dynamically linked to a user’s unique privileges only takes a matter of minutes. Deploying these badges to a user’s digital wallet is even faster, and can be done in seconds. Every Usher badge is sent to a user’s registered mobile device. An Usher device identifies itself to the Usher Server with an x.509 PKI certificate that leverages a registered phone number and email address.