Identity and Access Management

The challenges of identity and access management (IAM) frequently revolve around a lack of visibility. Organizations often do not have the tools for effective privilege monitoring, struggle to govern user accounts, or face a patchwork of externally managed systems. Usher solves this problem by providing broad support for enterprise systems and repositories that gives organizations the ability to build a unified, holistic view of their identity landscape, so they can fine-tune security and drive business value.

Identity and Access Management

Consolidate identity across the enterprise.

The Usher platform can be an integral part of an organization’s identity and access management ecosystem. Usher badges tie a person's identity and registered mobile device to the various privileges granted to that user in corresponding logical systems and physical access control systems (PACS). By binding physical and logical credentials together in a single application, Usher makes it easy to roll out strong, multi-factor authentication across the enterprise.

Plug into existing infrastructure

Usher integrates with existing identity management platforms (such as Ping, AWS, Office 365, and SalesForce) and authoritative sources (including AD/LDAP) via built-in Usher gateways. This integration allows organizations to leverage their existing user directory and management tools. This eliminates the need to recreate users, groups, or roles when deploying Usher, thus greatly shortening implementation times.