Location Services

Location-based services is a powerful tool for protecting systems, facilities, and resources. However, not all enterprise systems offer this technology, or only offer partial coverage. By routing all access through the Usher Security mobile client, Usher uses location services to extend geography-based access control and telemetry across the entire enterprise.

Location-Restricted Badge

Comprehensive location-based security.

With Usher, organizations can leverage geography as a factor of authentication. Geo-fencing gives administrators the ability to put location-based restrictions on access and authorization privileges. For example, an administrator can configure a user’s Usher badge to only grant access to an office if the user is within 100 feet of the building.

This type of geo-fencing can be applied to both physical and logical assets and can work in tandem with other authentication methods when certain criteria are met. For example, an administrator can configure context-sensitive geo-fencing for a bank branch that is activated only after business hours.

Geofencing Settings

Use geolocation data to improve security.

The Usher platform leverages inexpensive and low-power Bluetooth beacons to communicate with Usher-configured mobile devices. When an Usher user is within range of a configured beacon, the Usher app receives a transmission from the beacon and writes the user’s current location data to a centrally located log file. These log files contain extremely valuable information that administrators can use to better understand user behavior, improve their organization’s security posture, and respond more effectively in emergency situations.