Clients and Applications

The Usher platform delivers security, productivity, and analytics functionality through a variety of intuitive interfaces. These interfaces are designed to provide a fast and easy experience for every type of user, from business users to IT developers and security administrators.

  • PC Windows
  • PC Mac
  • Mobile iOS
  • Mobile Android
  • Web
  • Office
  • Client SDK
  • Usher Pro
  • Usher Security

Deliver powerful security and identity intelligence on any device.

  • Client/Server SDK

    The Usher Software Development Kit (SDK) is a comprehensive development environment used for integrating Usher functionality into other existing applications. The SDK is a key architectural component of the platform and can be used to fully leverage the power of Usher via open APIs. With the SDK, you can embed Usher functionality into mobile applications and set up integrations with other applications and physical access conrol systems that aren’t supported by out-of-the-box gateways.

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  • Usher Professional

    Usher Professional is a powerful analytics platform that enables organizations to harness the power of the identity intelligence data generated by Usher. Analysts can easily visualize information, blend identity intelligence information with data from other enterprise assets, and build custom reports on user and resource activity. In addition to the web-based analytics interface, Usher Professional also includes an out-of-the-box mobile productivity app that allows managers to monitor user activity and quickly communicate with disparate teams via push notification, text, phone, or email.

  • Usher Security

    Usher is an enterprise security solution that replaces physical IDs, passwords, keys, and security tokens with secure digital badges delivered via a smartphone. These badges let users access various physical and logical systems throughout the enterprise and deliver a strong combination of security and end-user convenience. At the same time, Usher also generates valuable back-end identity intelligence data on user behavior and resource utilization, giving organizations a holistic view of enterprise security.