Developers and administrators use a variety of platform tools to simplify and accelerate processes at every level of an Usher deployment. With these tools, users can edit the object-oriented infrastructure, build world-class security applications, and manage project life cycles. These powerful tools also connect drivers and gateways, translate assets into dynamic reusable objects, and let administrators customize the access levels of every Usher badge.

  • Analytical
  • Application
  • Automation
  • Data
  • Deployment
  • Installation
  • Modeling
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Testing
  • Translation
  • User Admin
  • Visualization

Tools for building security and identity intelligence applications.

  • Administrative Tools

    Administrators can create and manage Usher Networks within Network Manager, a web interface to the Usher Server. Network Manager lets administrators configure gateways (to other applications, physical access systems, and workstations) and issue, revoke, or customize access privileges for their users. Using these administrative tools, network managers can adjust the access controls of every Usher badge by incorporating geo-fencing, time-of-day restrictions, and Touch ID or passcode authentication features.

  • Deployment Tools

    Usher providers administrators with the tools they need to configure existing enterprise assets to respond to access requests via the Usher Server. By configuring VPNs, web applications, and physical access control systems, administrators can extend Usher functionality across the enterprise. These tools let administrators quickly synchronize existing user directories with Usher, so that all existing user identities are linked to Usher badges.

  • Monitoring Tools

    Usher provides tools to monitor all deployed applications, environments, and systems. With these capabilities, administrators can maintain a full view of usage patterns, system resources, user profiles, and system uptime. Usher also lets administrators define thresholds for system usage and set up alerts for when activity exceeds or falls below normal levels.

  • Installation Tools

    The installation process sets up the Secure Enterprise platform, seamlessly bundles any prerequisites, and wires the Usher Professional project into a standard configuration.

  • Application Tools

    Usher Professional provides the tools to create and assemble objects that serve as the building blocks of analytical applications. These objects include metrics, attributes, hierarchies, autostyles, and more, and reflect an organization's business and security models in a logical manner. Using these reusable objects, users can build reports, grids, visualizations, and applications that provide insight into identity and security data.