Security you can bank on.

  • Secure access to corporate facilities with a modern, smartphone-based physical access solution.

    Secure access to facilities, like offices and branch locations, and important systems by leveraging your users’ smartphones. Ensure that only authorized staff has access to restricted areas or sensitive information. Usher provides financial services organizations with a variety of options for strong, convenient multi-factor authentication including push notifications, biometrics, one-time passwords, face-to-face validation, and Bluetooth proximity.

  • Embed Usher functionality in your existing banking app with the Usher SDK.

    Leverage the Usher SDK to take your banking app to the next level. Our SDK allows financial services organizations to embed Usher functionality into their existing consumer mobile apps. Enhance your application with location-based fraud mitigation, peer-to-peer validation, location and identity-based offers, and more.

  • Use Usher to give high-net-worth clients personalized service.

    Usher lets banks provide personalized and highly differentiated service to their high-net-worth clients. By deploying Usher, banks can ensure that the user experience at every touchpoint is seamless and secure. Clients can easily authenticate their identity over the phone using one-time passcodes and leverage biometric authentication to approve financial transactions from their smartphones.

  • Leverage Usher's remote authentication capabilities to help prevent consumer fraud.

    Usher helps banks prevent consumer fraud by offering a variety of secure, remote authentication methods. Call center employees can authenticate a user’s identity over the phone using one-time Usher codes or push notifications that are available via a user’s mobile device. With Usher, banks can also offer password alternatives, like QR codes, for accessing sensitive customer information and applications.