Federal Government

Increase security and reduce waste.

  • Replace physical IDs with secure mobile identity badges.

    Usher can replace physical ID cards for government employees with secure mobile identity badges. These badges grant users access to various digital systems and physical entryways based on their roles and responsibilities—making it easy to roll out strong, multi-factor authentication across a broad set of systems. Additionally, the telemetry data collected on the Usher back-end can be used for the purposes of auditing and compliance reporting.

  • Grant personalized access to government resources using a single app.

    Usher provides a comprehensive, cost-effective method for deploying government IDs. Governments can create citizen wallets that support multiple badges and enable citizens to securely access a variety of government services. All of these different badges can be accessed using the same application. Badges can be designed to grant access to entire systems, specific buildings, or even individual gateways.

  • Distribute temporary credentials to users.

    With Usher, citizens and visitors can easily apply for a wide range of government permits and licenses. Usher gives government agencies the ability to instantly distribute e-permits to individuals or groups via temporary badges. Because these permits are digital and centrally controlled, administrators can easily revoke them at a moment's notice.

  • Leverage Usher to respond to emergencies in real time.

    Usher helps governments react faster and smarter to emergencies. The Usher Professional app gives administrators ready access to location data, so they can easily identify and communicate with impacted users. With Usher, government agencies can quickly consolidate information, coordinate assets, and respond to emergencies in real time.