Better security. Better healthcare.

  • Digitize the healthcare lifecycle with patient badges.

    Usher gives healthcare providers, payers, and patients the tools to manage the healthcare lifecycle from a single app. Payers can digitize insurance cards within the Usher app, and patients can manage their care by accessing all their medical information, as well as information about treatments options, from within the app. At the same time, providers can deliver a better patient experience by using Usher to digitize scheduling, appointment follow-up, and information sharing. Usher’s advanced authentication capabilities ensure that all sensitive information is always secure, yet available to the parties involved.

  • Secure, hands-free access into hospital facilities and systems with digital badges.

    Usher lets healthcare providers issue digital badges to physicians, nurses, and support staff so they can log in to systems and access facilities using secure, proximity-based authentication. With Usher's adaptive authentication, providers can secure all sensitive patient information and ensure that only qualified staff have access to records. Usher also secures facilities by restricting access based on individual credentials, and gives administrators a real-time view of where badge holders are located. With these insights, administrators and security staff can more effectively monitor on-site activity.

  • Use Usher identity intelligence to provide visibility and create a clear audit trail.

    Usher provides real-time visibility into the activities and locations of both medical staff and patients, giving administrators the tools to analyze user behavior and resource usage. Usher has the ability to pull robust audit reports detailing user activity involving both physical and logical access. With this identity intelligence, administrators can improve operations, adjust security protocols, mitigate risk, and optimize the availability of resources and staff.

  • React smarter and faster to emergency situations.

    Usher allows facility managers to take fast, informed action during emergency situations. By providing instant insights about the location of patients and hospital staff, Usher gives security teams the ability to find users and communicate with them in real time at the touch of a button. Using Usher, emergency dispatch managers can identify threats, direct traffic to safe areas, prevent bottlenecks, and take a headcount of all users. They can also identify where responders and EMTs are located and direct them to where their skills are needed most.