Manufacturing & CPG

Security from the assembly line to the board room.

  • Easily grant or revoke vendor and partner access to facilities and systems.

    Usher lets organizations secure their supply chain ecosystems by issuing digital identity badges to partners, vendors, and contractors. By delivering multi-factor authentication via mobile device, Usher makes it easy to grant or revoke access to vendor portals, business applications, and facilities. Administrators can manage granular access controls with geo-fencing and time-fencing to ensure there is no unauthorized access to systems and facilities. Organizations can further customize security by incorporating adaptive authentication with biometrics and one-time passwords.

  • Secure physical access to industrial facilities and warehouses.

    Usher allows organizations to seamlessly control access to warehouses, factories, offices, and other facilities by issuing secure identity badges to every employee. With Usher, employees can unlock doors and gates simply by walking up to them or tapping a digital key on their phone. At the same time, Usher generates real-time location data on all employees, letting managers view where their teams are working, so they can improve collaboration and communication in large facilities.

  • Monitor and manage employee productivity.

    For manufacturers, employees are often scattered throughout large manufacturing facilities or working in the field. Ushers lets managers track and monitor the productivity of these employees by creating complete audit trails that detail where and when resources are accessed. Usher lets users view real-time maps of user activity and communicate with individuals or groups at the touch of a button. With information about when physical and logical systems are accessed, administrators can detect security anomalies and track relevant compliance information.

  • Manage teams better by letting employees clock-in and clock-out using their smartphone.

    Usher makes it easy for shift supervisors to manage their teams. By allowing employees to check in and out of their shifts using their smartphone, Usher replaces timesheets and time-keeping hardware. To gain valuable identity intelligence, organizations can install beacons throughout their facility, which lets managers view real-time maps of where employees are spending time. With this information, team leaders more effectively manage teams, boost productivity, and fine-tune operational policies.