Municipal Government

Improve and modernize municipal services.

  • Distribute digital ID cards to residents.

    Municipalities are constantly looking to improve the level of service they provide to their constituents while remaining within budget. By deploying digital resident ID badges with Usher, local governments can grant their residents convenient, secure access to city services. Residents can use their digital badge to verify their identity at the public or the tax assessor’s office. What’s more, Usher offers critical emergency management capabilities so administrators can quickly and easily communicate important safety information to every citizen with Usher.

  • Issue temporary visitor badges that can't be forged.

    Temporary visitor badges can easily be forged, lost, or stolen. Usher can replace these outdated forms of identity with digital security badges. These temporary Usher badges can be issued to visitors for events and configured to provide temporary access to parking, specific facilities, and services. Issuing and revoking these digital badges is quick and easy, making enforcement and administration simple and effective.

  • Use telemetry data to intelligently allocate your municipal workforce.

    For local governments with tight budgets, it is essential that no resource go unused. Usher allows municipal administrators to track the availability and productivity of local and field service employees. By collecting and analyzing telemetry data on location, resource access, and time spent online, administrators can better understand user behavior and intelligently allocate their staff in real-time to handle their most pressing needs.

  • Secure access to government assets with strong, multi-factor authentication.

    Usher helps localities lock down their municipal buildings and sensitive information systems. With Usher, it’s easy to seamlessly control access to government buildings by deploying digital identity badges to a user’s smartphone. Users with the appropriate Usher credentials can unlock doors and gates simply through Bluetooth proximity or by tapping a digital key of their phone. Administrators can further secure VPNs, applications, and employee workstations by leveraging a variety of strong, convenient authentication methods.