Harness identity intelligence to take retailing to the next level.

  • Improve employee timekeeping and replace timesheets with digital clock-ins using the Usher app.

    Traditional methods of employee timekeeping, like timesheets or digital clock-in systems, can be expensive, difficult to manage, and may be prone to accidental or intentional errors in time-logging. Using beacon technology, Usher solves these problems by pinpointing when employees enter and leave the store. With real-time maps of store and warehouse activity, managers can ensure that employees are where they need to be and keep store operations running smoothly.

  • Leverage Usher functionality with existing loyalty applications to deliver a more personalized experience to every customer.

    Usher helps companies increase customer loyalty by providing differentiated experiences based on the customer. Using the Usher Software Development Kit (SDK), organizations can embed Usher features and functionality into existing applications to deliver a live customer loyalty card that is dynamically linked to each customer. This not only provides more insight into customers but also allows you to deliver location-based marketing, deal offers, live ticketing, and more.

  • Treat every customer like a rock star with digital ID badges that trigger the delivery of personalized offers to their smartphone as they enter the store.

    Treat your customers like rock stars when they enter your store. Usher can provide personalized shopping experiences by leveraging beacons to instantly determine the identity, location, and loyalty status of a customer the moment they arrive in a store. Customized messages and offers can be sent to their smartphones as they move throughout the store, providing them with a tailored shopping experience.

  • Visualize store activity and resource usage data in order to inform product placements, fine-tune store operations, and drive revenue growth.

    Usher lets store managers optimize store operations with tools to monitor and analyze patterns of customer activity, store traffic, and inventory exposure. Usher is able to map resource activity using a variety of heat maps, reports and other visualizations. Using this information, managers can improve product placements throughout the store, improve marketing, manage inventory and staffing, and fine-tune operations based on key performance metrics.