Meet your business needs without sacrificing security.

  • Secure critical telecommunication networks with Usher.

    Telecommunication networks are of critical importance and need to be protected against a variety of threats. Usher helps organizations prevent unauthorized access to critical systems and facilities via strong, multi-factor authentication. Usher protects VPNs, applications, devices, and facilities by leveraging a variety of authentication methods including one-time passcodes, biometrics, geo-fencing, and time-fencing.

  • Get the most out of your field workforce.

    Many telecommunications organizations struggle to understand how their field employees’ time is used on a day-to-day basis. Usher gives organizations the ability to manage and monitor their widely dispersed field workforce. With Usher, customers can dynamically input service issues and descriptions of their problem and managers can assign these issues to the right resource in the field—boosting productivity and reducing issue resolution times.

  • Leverage one-time passcode or push notifications to authenticate users over the phone.

    Identity theft and fraud has become an increasingly big problem for the telecommunications industry. Identity verification using a customer’s social security number, mother’s maiden name, or other personal information is antiquated and insecure. Usher enables secure, convenient authentication over the phone through one-time codes and push notifications available via the Usher app.

  • Boost productivity and optimize resource utilization.

    By analyzing Usher data on location, resource utilization, and systems access, management can get a more complete view of employee behavior and take steps to optimize productivity. With Usher Professional, managers can view real-time maps of user activity and communicate with their highly dispersed teams at the touch of a button.